Rejuvance is a natural psychotherapeutic facial technique, which can help both women and men to relax deeply as it works mostly in the unconscious level.

Through finger pressures in the facial muscles, we release tensions effecting the meridians (nadis) and we bring solutions to problems like insomnia, headaches, migraines, deep anxieties, breathing problems, skin problems like acne, hair loss, and all the problems which are connected with mental and emotional discomforts. Where there is pain in the body, the facial expressions shows that discomfort. Rejuvance can release such facial expressions, and give to the face an uplifting and the glow which is needed. The results are visible from the first session.Rejuvance

The pressures in the muscles move the collagen, the elastine, it freeing the circulation of the blood and soften the wrinkles.

Rejuvance is “acupuncture” without needles, and a facial lifting without surgeon.

The therapy is completed in 6 sessions; each session is different and works different parts of the head. There is no use of any cream or oil, is simple the movement of the prana.

The practice can be applied to women and men over 18 years old. The therapy can be done once or twice a year, and as maintenance of the facial result, once a week.

People suffering from diabetes can do the practice if they have doctor’s permit ion.

Pregnant women are not allowed.




According to Michel Lobrot (founder of the NDI System), the issue which psychotherapy is posing is how we can manage to delete the negative feelings which are the main source of the anxiety and the depression. Because we can’t do it with a surgical way, the only thing we can do is to transform them, and that’s the basic theory which is called: “experimental”.

A basic aspect of the method is the conscious listening of the therapist and having as a base the Human needs and "desires".

Having as base that theory, the emotions which are present in the moment of the experience, alter the experience itself. changing the negative emotions and to give them a different meaning from the initial, we need to revaluate them.michel

The most suitable way, is to give a new positive feedback to those experiences, like pleasure, satisfaction, and self-reassurance.

According to Michel Lobrot, that’s the basic procedure of the therapy which is Human center.


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An experienced and very well trained massuse, can help the elevation of energy not only of the body but also of the spirit.