Antar Mouna is an active meditative technique, which helps recognizing the internal sounds and helps developing the internal silence.

The trainee moves his/her awareness, observing the spontaneous thoughts, with out any censorship or analyzing those, that come up either as images or thoughts, but just observe the mental movements, the changes which shade the thoughts, but also the absence of thoughts.


That first approach of the mind, aims to bring him /her in contact with the spontaneous thoughts and to become conscious how they change, disappear and become weak, without making any effort.

When that process become familiar then in the following stage, he/she consciously create a thought, and follow it, and then he/she drop it and keep on with the next one. In that stage, the management of the thoughts starts and further more, we can change them completely.

For stepping from one stage to another, we need to handle well the technique, an experienced teacher can help by teaching the process step by step and also the self practice should be steady and constant. Then it's natural to use our mind according our desire. The management of the mind can bring us closer to the meditative state, which can't be described, but definitely we would have conquered depression.

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