Personal Retreat

Hari Om!
I am Io, my yogic and spiritual name is Yogananda. I wanted to write this letter to you so I can inform you about YogaSadhaka-Personal Retreat; what it is, why it’s here and what it offers.

It started out as a dream or rather, a strong desire of mine for years now, ever since I came here. Once here I was enchanted by the energy of the island, by it’s nature, by the vibrant shades of green and blue that clear the thinking mind and capture the gaze as it moves along the horizon into the beyond!

Many years went by before I could put the gears of this project into action. I was living in Athens, I travelled a lot, mainly to India. As I got in touch with many interesting people, my path in the world of yoga and alternative therapy became exciting and successful. Working in groups and on my own I broadened my horizons and enhanced my emotions. I spoke with many wonderful colleagues around the world, I got trained again and again and yes! I keep going…

So it was one bright and crisp February morning, as I gazed over the Himalayas at the MacLeond Ganj of India and put together the pieces of my life’s puzzle, my heart decided that the time had come to fulfill my dream! In combination of both Ηeart and Μind I ‘returned’ to the island of Skopelos. It’s been a few years now since I began to strengthen my roots here in order for YogaSadhaka to become a dot on the map of alternative methods of healing. In order for it to become a space that provides a positive, inspiring and creative experience to whoever is looking, desiring or in need of an authentic connection to those parts of themselves that maybe are in disarray or hiding under mass piles of disappointment and pain. Retreats aren’t exotic gateways to some far away place, where luxurious idleness is celebrated, no! They serve for the few or many days where you will have the chance to live in ways that take you out of routine and comfortable boundaries, without going through the motions of everyday tasks. Of course, all this will take place in a pleasant space that will provide you with safety, objectivity and support. You will be exerted on all levels so your stagnant energy can start moving again. You’ll live in nature and you’ll learn how to open up to her elements.

Having lived in Ashrams, as well as in a conscious ‘reclusive’ state, I am aware of, and deeply admire the experience I’ve gained from Retreats! Personal retreats were the inspiration behind a long walk that we will also take together when you arrive.

What I would like to offer you who will accept this ‘invitation’, is the ability to communicate that which gives you a hard time, which pressures and stresses you in a simple, relaxing and instrumental way. As we explore your dynamic, with the tools I posses, I will teach you how to relax and enhance your life with new ideas. I will teach you how nature can become your healer. The house where you will stay is simple, ‘quiet’, clean, it is bright and has a nice view. It is of high vibration and energy. For your accommodation you will be provided with a fully equipped studio , whose simplicity will help you feel the luxury of your own autonomy and independence.  This small paradise, that will be yours during your time spent here, will be comfortable, bright, simple and self-contained. I believe this will be an experience worth trying out…

YogaSadhaka is a meditative yoga center, and yoga is one of my main ‘tools’ but not the only one. You don’t need to know how to do yoga, you don’t need to have any requirements, the only thing you need is to be open to this experience.

This letter ends here. It doesn’t want to tire you with more words or promises. If you decide to come, please get in touch with me and I will be more than willing to provide any information you need.

I’ll be waiting…