September 1st until 7th  2023

October 6th until 12th 2023

October 16th until 22nd 2023


May 2024: 4 May -11 May & 18 May-25 May

July 2024: 1 July – 7 July

September 2024: 7 September -14 September  & 21 September – 28 September

Educational Yoga Program on the aspects, attributes and potential of the 5 bodies, the connection and the therapeutic influence of Yoga Nidra.

Do you want to know how we can heal the injuries in the Mental and Emotional body?

Do you want to know how to develop your skills in deep relaxation?

Are you aware that we can alter the negative aspects of the mind?

Do you want to know, why some wishes don’t come “true”?

Are you interested to learn how Kama and Karma are connected?

Do you want to learn how you can help others in their evolutionary journey?


These and much more are some of the aspects that we will work on in this in- person program.

Combining your summer holidays with this educational seminar, you will have a double benefit.

First, you will be able to live and experience the benefits of the practice yourself, and as you will develop more self – Awareness, a you will be able to recognize even more the stressful aspects of your own life, and you will give yourself a really good treatment.  And this is the TOP attribute of an aspirant.

So, if you have few years teaching experience in the Yoga field or practicing experience in Alternative-complimentary therapies, or you feel now is the time to delve more in other branches of yoga, this program will give you all the necessary hands-on knowledge
and theory on the branch of Raja yoga, the 8 fold path, as you will learn the attributes and the potential of the 5 bodies, and it will prepare you to become a sufficient practitioner in the field of deep relaxation and in Yoga Nidra.

So, give yourself the opportunity to relax, to enjoy and to reprogramming your life, in the serene environment of the green –blue island of Skopelos, with joy and laughter!

This educational Yoga program will provide you with the knowledge and the experience of the practice, it will add in your knowledge and will expand your awareness,  but it doesn’t provide any sort of certificate or diploma.

Arrivals: One (1) day before

Departures: preferably, one (1) day after the program

Duration of the Program: The Program is for 7 days. Daily there will be 5+ hrs of teaching and practicing, but there will be flexibility according the needs of the group.

Min. number of participants: 7 persons

Program Fee: 850 Euros (VAT is included)

With your booking to the Program, you will receive also the details about your accommodation and the transport details from your country to the island of Skiathos

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