The Yoga Programs and Workshops, are best suited to yoga teachers and complementary therapists of all fields, who want to learn and delve more on the branch of Raja Yoga

With a focus on expansion of knowledge and awareness through practice, the context of the Programs in person and the Workshops on-line, will be on: Yoga Nidra and the Mysteries of the Mind.

From December to March, the on-line Workshops will introduce you to the technique, from the comfort of your own environment. The weekly Programs, will take place either in the green-blue island of Skopelos, or in Alonnisos island. You can join the Program, and become part of the educational group. The power of the group is unique, as it will be this educational experience!

Join Us!

The Seminars are hosting knowledgeable colleagues whom they are unique on their field, and share generously their vast experience and knowledge.


Throughout the month of June and July, there will be daily workshops. Please contact us for more information on dates and time.

Relaxful workshops full of color, shapes and forms. As we will design the Yantras and the Mandalas, you will learn all the benefits, and the powerful energy that they hide. By the end, we will “activate” them through a meditation technique. Each person will take the Yantra or the Mandala had made.

MUDRAS – BANDAS and the power of OM chanting
We will explore the unlimited power and strength of Mudras and Bandas, and how the vibration of Om can alter the realms of the
mind. Mudras and Bandas are the techniques which can provide the eternal youth, activate the physical energy, relax and reform
the mind.