Io Calis-Bletzaki has been an active member of the Yoga Community since 1992. She had her first training under the Satyananda System in Greece, where she earned the Certificate In Yogic Studies with the guidance of her Teacher Swami Sivamurti Saraswati.
She taught at the Satyananda Yoga Centre in Thessaloniki from 1993-1997, where she also worked as a volunteer, delving deeper into the branch of Karma Yoga. In 1998-1999 she studied in Bihar Yoga Bharati(ΒΥΒ), the first Institute of yogic studies in India, where she earned her Diploma as a yoga teacher. The same year her Guru Paramahamsa Niranjanananda Saraswati, successor of her Senior Guru Paramahamsa Satyananda, initiated her into Karma Sannyasa.
Exploring further into the field of Yoga, she completed the training program Ayurvedic Healing at the American Institute of Vedic Studies by David Frawley, specializing in Yoga and Health.Ganesha Photo
She delved into the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga with Kristina Karitinou-Ireland, following the teacher-training program of the 1st and 2nd series with her. She also practiced with David Williams and Manju Jois.
She discovered Iyengar yoga with Haris Lironi, certified Iyengar Instructor of the Shakti Yoga studio in Athens.
She studied Eastern philosophy and religion with Dr.Deva Vassiliadis.
She opened her first center Yoga Home Practice Ananda in Athens in 2002 until 2013 when she transformed it into the YogaSadhaka center and began sharing her life between India and Greece.
Moreover, she has strong links with experienced professionals from the Yoga field and the Holistic Alternative Therapeutic Community. She steadily keeps contact with all of the sources of her education, keeping her skills and knowledge up-to-date and upholding high professional standards.
She trained as a psychotherapist from 2000-2003 in the system of NDI (Non Directing Intervening Psychotherapy and Group Encouragement) with Michel Lobrot. From Julie Hardenberg she learned the Facial Rejuvenation technique under the frame of Holistic Health and Beauty. She was taught Esoteric Astrology by Tima Vlastou and Clinical Aromatherapy by Sofia Kotzaloizoglou.
She has received a 2nd degree of Reiki practices from Harris Klonizakis.

Io Calis-Bletzaki, is married with George Calis, artist-painter and they Live permenately in Skopelos island