Om & Prem to all,

It's been quite a few days now that i was thinking the reactions of the people mainly in social media about the lock down, that most countries are facing. Most of them, they try to make it "light", they try to see it with humor, and they all look "fine"! but are they? Up to now, if a spiritural aspirant wanted to cut off of the world, the mundane living, and wanted to isolate him/herself, to have an introspective view of his/her mind, he/she was going for a short or long period personal or group retreat. A teacher, or the retreat leader, was taking charge and care for the person or the group for the period of the retreat. According the tradition that the teacher was following, the daily program would be shaped accordigly. Meditation, physical activities, talks, chanting, silence.....

Now, we are facing a global retreat, without our "permission" will and desire for isolation, WE MUST! and the majority, wasn't prepared at all! Facing our issues in a forcefull way, is not the best option. Personally, i'm optiimist. I do believe that we are leading in a New Earth, as the consciousness of the people is changing and will keep on. I believe that  social transformation, which will be benefical for the majority of the people will come soon. A New World is shaping infront of our eyes, new realities, and it's up to us to feel them, understand them, and embrace them. And maybe, these new reality, will open up new avenues for those who are willing to go deeper and they want to see their life differently from now on. Maybe in the future, the personal and group retreats will multiply. We'll see....for the moment, try your best, by divding your time in physical activities, mental and spiritual

I wish you well

*the art work is by the artist painter George Calis

Om& Prem to all!

In life only the simple things with the less effort, can give us huge results! but most of the time, we underestimate them when we listen them. Today, i'm going to write about that, how a very simple body practice, an asana, can give you tremendous results. Is a balancing asana. You can perform it while you are standing infront of your table, your kitchen counter, infront of your bookshelves. Stand on your right leg and lift slowly the left. Wait and see how up it can go without loosing your balance. Then, with to the other side. Stay 5breaths to each breath and repeat 2-3 times during the day.

And you can make it ever more challenging and intresting, if you add breath awareness, and you can "play" a bit more, if you put your foot against your calfmusle and streight up your spine. Simple "games" with ourbody can make even standing more intresting.

So, that very simple practice, can help your balance, as it effects the left and the right side of the brain. And especially those days, balance is needed even more! 

I wish you a very pleasant balancing practice!

* The art work of the blog, is of the painter arstist George Calis

Om & Prem to all!!!

       As we experience day by day our inner limits and the external restrictions become more and more severe, which makes our daily life even more demanding, we can easily recognize who is "standing" where(?) who is communicating and who is "crying" for some attention....... And although the "game" just began, already, those who lived in the surface feels the big waves of vanity to drag them in the mercy of desperateness.......

Now is the time to see with whom we want to share the "endless" time that we have! Which are the people that we want to share the last night's dream(?) our insomnia(?) thoughts and feelings(?) Do we really want to communicate? Or we prefer our solitude. what means communication for us?

So many questions that need an answer....and a fast one!

   Now is the time to open up in our new inner experiences! Now we can start developing our inner platform(if we don't have one) and we can start, by sreaping the world from it's maximalistic expersion, so to find the core of people, objects and situations. Is the time to find beauty and authenticity. The essence of Life! of OUR life (to be precis) 

   So, I suggest you a game for this w/d! Let's call it: Downsizing My Universe!

Alone, or with our mate, partner, the whole family, our roomates, "streap" the Universe! and see what is left on your table, on your lap, in your hand.....Play it with joy! Laugh! surprise your self! ENJOY! Life is magic and beautiful!

I wish you all, a very pleasant rest of the day

(3 April 2020)

All the blog images, are paintings of the artist painter George Calis 


Om&Prem to all!

In the Greek mythology there is the myth about the seasons, and it is a very nice and symbolic too myth, which says that Pluto, the god of under world, felt in love with Persefonis the daughter of godess Demitra, the godess of fertility and agriculture. As Pluto saw the beautiful Persefoni in the fields he decided to kidnap her. And he did. When Demitra found out what was happenning, became furious! and turn for help to Deus(Jupiter). Jupiter as the leader of the Gods and brother of Pluto, promised her to help her. But when he asked Pluto to set free Persefonis, Pluto was firm that he wouldn't do it!

Demitra was despert, sad and furious and little by little she reserved herself so there was no help to people who were cultivating the Earth, and no seeds and plants were growing. People starting to become despert and they turned to Gods for help. Gods felt compasion for the human race, and Jupiter approched once more Pluto for new negotiations. Pluto by the end agreed to leave Persefonis to live with her mother 6moths per year and then to return back to him. 

It was spring when Persefonis met again with her mother and Demitra was happy! Earth flourished and became firtile once again.....

Spring is bringing a message of new born emotions, feelings, along with colors, under the light of Sun! We salut the Sun with Surya Namaskar, and we plant literaly and metaphorically one plant to welcome the new life and the spring light!

keep your mind in the light and in possitive thoughts. Embrace the light and have faith that everything will turn good

Have a nice month


*The pictures of the blog, are creations of the artist painter George Calis 

 Om & Prem to all!

as kids, we were listening the fairy tales starting with: Once upon a time.....and as i remember, all of the fairy tales, included a forest, a kingdom, a palace and a hero. But it was the forest were the hero of the story was finding shelter and it was one tree and it's roots where the main character of the story was sleeping and was finding the "answer" (?) the solution(?) of his problem. Trees always represented life and is the presence of a tree or trees that make our soul feel safe. When we enter in a garden, the greenery and the trees give us immediately a feeling of calmness and joy.

But rarely we acknowledge how life evolves through the seeds of a tree and how many information it carries!  Buddha was enlighted under a tree. Many spiritual Teachers, meditate  under a tree. When a spiritual seeker go for a retreat, move towards the forest and live either in the trunk of a tree or up in the branches. 

When i was little, i had visited Christian orthodox monasteries, and i've seen trees full of oblations. mostly  were slim decorative silver plaques, with a saint on it. They were dedicated with a wish, concerning mostly health issues. As a kid, i found it strange but also intresting. Then, i saw it in India too and it didn't suprised me at all! It was another indication how ancient civilizations are connected with each other. 

But in the yogic tradition, this tree, has a name. It is called: The Kalpa Taru. The wish tree. If you have a wish, you hung in the branches of Kalpa Taru in anyform you like and you let the tree to fulfill it. And it does! Maybe it sounds odd, childish or funny, but it's true! You can try to create your own Kalpa Taru, and you can have your personal experience. 

If it is difficult to find a real tree, then, you can activate a photo of a tree that you like. Certain mantras can activate your Kalpa Taru but most of all, your energy and your awareness can give "life" to your Tree. Start a relationship with your tree, give it "space" in your heart and in your life and let it work for you. Nature, is always willing to give and work for us. And it does!

I wish you all, a pleasant day!


All the images of these blog, are paintings of the artist painter George Calis


Om&Prem to all!

today is the first day of ban of traffic. As has been announced from yesterday, it came to my mind the first time that i "locked" myself in. It was in the Greek Ashram, almost 27years ago, summer time, for a long week-end, and it was very strange feeling as the big doors closed.....ofcourse we were lots of people, it was Guru Poornima, a big yogic celebration and i didn't bother, until the time that i had to leave.....the procedures so, to "unlock" myself, gave me that feeling of enclosure. I wanted to leaveeeee!

Om & Prem to all!

Today is Sunday, and one of my first thoughts as i was waking up,  was, how the days of the week have changed meaning for countless number of people, all over the world. For everyone each day of the week has a different meaning, give a different feeling and has different purpuse. There are days of the week that make us feel differently due to it's purpose. Each day is dedicated to a certain planet and carries a certain energy. In yoga, Thursday f.e is the day of the Guru. Those who have a Guru, can connect with him/her spiritualy and they can sense this energy through out the day. If we want to see more info about our birth chart, the date of our birth is also a good indicator, of what sort of energy we carry in our field. But dates as seasons and all sort of aniversaries, have also another purpose. They anchor the mind. They create pathways, so the memory to expand and build the inner space. 


Today is the first day of my blog and i'm truly, very, very happy, because that blog has been created out of a deep desire to open-up and share my thoughts, ideas, discoveries of all these years as a yoga practitioner but mostly as a yogini seeker. It will be 28years in the yoga field this September and so many things have changed all these years, that made me think what yoga offered me(?) what really yoga can do(?) what means i'm a "yoga teacher"(?) 

this blog will serve my need for an open diary and i hope that some of you will enjoy also reading it

Ποια είναι τα πραγματικά οφέλη της γιόγκα; Μπορεί να θεραπεύσει;

Η γιόγκα και όλες οι εναλλακτικές προσεγγίσεις, χρειάζονται χρόνο και μια δασκάλα ή ένα δάσκαλο που να εμπνέει και φυσικά να γνωρίζει. Τι λέει η yoga instructor;

The Number One Thing A Retreat Can Do For You That A Vacation Can't !

What do you look for in your planned getaways? According to a recent survey, the number one thing that people crave is simply rest. At the same time, almost half of vacationers admit to doing work while they are supposed to be relaxing!


Antar Mouna is an active meditative technique that helps you recognize your internal sounds and develop your internal silence.

The trainee moves his/her awareness, observing the spontaneous thoughts that arise without any censorship or analyzing. They simply observe their mental movements and the changes that give different shades to their thought process or the lack thereof.


The mind constantly produces thoughts and images and then projects them onto our mental screen twenty-four hours a day. Low awareness together with defective discrimination allow these thoughts to direct the feelings and the emotions that, according to their strength and force, the mind identifies and recognizes as real.