Ποια είναι τα πραγματικά οφέλη της γιόγκα; Μπορεί να θεραπεύσει;

Η γιόγκα και όλες οι εναλλακτικές προσεγγίσεις, χρειάζονται χρόνο και μια δασκάλα ή ένα δάσκαλο που να εμπνέει και φυσικά να γνωρίζει. Τι λέει η yoga instructor;

The Number One Thing A Retreat Can Do For You That A Vacation Can't !

What do you look for in your planned getaways? According to a recent survey, the number one thing that people crave is simply rest. At the same time, almost half of vacationers admit to doing work while they are supposed to be relaxing!


Antar Mouna is an active meditative technique that helps you recognize your internal sounds and develop your internal silence.

The trainee moves his/her awareness, observing the spontaneous thoughts that arise without any censorship or analyzing. They simply observe their mental movements and the changes that give different shades to their thought process or the lack thereof.


The mind constantly produces thoughts and images and then projects them onto our mental screen twenty-four hours a day. Low awareness together with defective discrimination allow these thoughts to direct the feelings and the emotions that, according to their strength and force, the mind identifies and recognizes as real.