Antar Mouna is an active meditative technique that helps you recognize your internal sounds and develop your internal silence.

The trainee moves his/her awareness, observing the spontaneous thoughts that arise without any censorship or analyzing. They simply observe their mental movements and the changes that give different shades to their thought process or the lack thereof.


That first approach of the technique is to bring the trainee in contact with their spontaneous thoughts and encourage them to become conscious on how these thoughts change, disappear and become weak, without interfering.

When that process becomes familiar the next step for the trainee is to consciously create a thought and examine it, let it go and continue onto the next one. In this stage, we begin to manage our thoughts changing them completely.

In order for one to jump from one stage to another it is necessary to learn how to handle this technique well. This is accomplished with the aid of an experienced teacher and your own disciplined practice. With this steady and consistent routine it becomes easier to steer our thoughts to our advantage. Being able to manage our mind brings us closer to the meditative state of being and ultimately towards conquering depression.

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