The Number One Thing A Retreat Can Do For You That A Vacation Can't !

What do you look for in your planned getaways? According to a recent survey, the number one thing that people crave is simply rest. At the same time, almost half of vacationers admit to doing work while they are supposed to be relaxing!

Many of us say that we want to do nothing but are not able to break the habits of our everyday lives. This is where a retreat comes in! Let's look at how retreats can take us to that sweet “do nothing” spot that many of us so desperately desire.


What Is A Retreat? How Is It Different From A Vacation?

A retreat is a getaway with a structure and a purpose. Retreats can be based on spiritual growth and exploration, learning new skills, experiencing silence, or deepening our yoga practice.
Retreats are different from vacations. Many people take vacations with their partners and children. Vacations can incorporate sightseeing, entertainment, family activities and visiting relatives. Retreats focus more on yourself and your development while balancing relaxation with inner work.


The Elusive Goal: Rest And Relaxation


Resting and relaxing sounds easy enough, doesn't it? If you have ever tried to do nothing for more than fifteen minutes, you know that it is harder than it sounds. We are used to constant stimuli, and doing “nothing”, though it sounds glorious, is quite a challenge.
That is where a retreat comes in. You saw that retreats and vacations are very distinct. Which one sounds more relaxing? Think twice before you answer!
Because of our over stimulated and productivity-driven lifestyles, a retreat will help you relax in a much deeper way than a vacation will. Vacations quickly fill up with activities and stimulation that will leave you feeling tired out by the time you get home. Retreats, on the other hand, have the potential to guide you into a perfect space of natural rest.


What Type Of Retreat Is Best?


The guidance available to you at a structured retreat will help you feel rejuvenated and revitalized. Discern what kind of retreat will be best for you by performing a little bit of inquiry.
You can start out by asking yourself these questions:

• What kind of a retreat would make me feel taken care of on a soul level?

• What do I want to do each day?

• What has made me feel deeply relaxed in the past?


Tips For Planning Your Next Retreat

Be willing to travel. Think about somewhere you have never been. How about the Greek Islands? Yoga Sadhaka offers retreats in Skopelos, a beautiful Greek island on the Aegean sea. What other exotic locales would you like to see? Use your imagination!
Listen to your heart, not your head. If you think that you “should” do a particular kind of program, it is not the one for you. Go for the retreat style that makes you feel light and helps you resolve the issues that prove stressful in your current situation.



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