Today is the first day of my blog and i'm truly, very, very happy, because that blog has been created out of a deep desire to open-up and share my thoughts, ideas, discoveries of all these years as a yoga practitioner but mostly as a yogini seeker. It will be 28years in the yoga field this September and so many things have changed all these years, that made me think what yoga offered me(?) what really yoga can do(?) what means i'm a "yoga teacher"(?) 

this blog will serve my need for an open diary and i hope that some of you will enjoy also reading it

Today is the Spring Equinox, and i chose that day as in yoga, balance is one of the desirable aspects. Although the times are bizzare, strange, and defenetly not balanced.... I live in a island the last 5years. when i arrived here for my permanent living, in this small village, i had limited resources. It was a new beginning. Once more. It was May, Spring, Earth full of colors, and action. You could feel it! in the trees, the sea, the beaches, the people, everywhere. The summer was amazing and then it came autumn and winter. Gradualy every activity was coming to an end. By Octomber silence. Tourists gone, we remain the few of us and the changes of the nature. It was the first time in my life that i was following the seasons and it was magic. 

Long walks, in the landscape that was keep on changing. Earth has the ability to heal human nature. when you start walking and you feel the earth,  then you can understand the healing aspect of Earth. It was at that time about that i start writing my gratidutes. 10 per day. and i kept on doing it everyday, religiously. Healing take quite a long time. But it was that process of conscious walking, writing my gratidutes and living in silence that i was hearing very clearly my inner voice and how solitude and silence supported. 

The last 5years, i live almost the same way. Very limited social life, contact with nature, simple living. But i'm not anymore alone. I live with the last year with my husband but because there is a harmonious co-existance and there is a flow, all these aspects are keep on "working" for both of us. So, as the virus have blocked each and everyone in their very specific spot, my suggestion is to start listening their inner voice, noise or silence.....



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