Om & Prem to all!

Today is Sunday, and one of my first thoughts as i was waking up,  was, how the days of the week have changed meaning for countless number of people, all over the world. For everyone each day of the week has a different meaning, give a different feeling and has different purpuse. There are days of the week that make us feel differently due to it's purpose. Each day is dedicated to a certain planet and carries a certain energy. In yoga, Thursday f.e is the day of the Guru. Those who have a Guru, can connect with him/her spiritualy and they can sense this energy through out the day. If we want to see more info about our birth chart, the date of our birth is also a good indicator, of what sort of energy we carry in our field. But dates as seasons and all sort of aniversaries, have also another purpose. They anchor the mind. They create pathways, so the memory to expand and build the inner space. 

 Creating a daily routine in life, we give to the mind the space so, it can create and open-up mental pathways and the same time,  boundaries too. And is within these boundaries that the mind build-up  and create its own reality. Annual  celebrations, anniversaries, local festivities, they all contribute to our own construction, like bricks. And all these memories, are connected with a feeling and a sense, and an organ. One of the aims of meditation techn., is to brake the time & the space and to experience the infinite with awareness. If we accomplish that, then we are in a mediative state and we can understand our existance as part of the collective uncosciousness. Two opposite actions. But we live in a dualistic world, this is not strange. Holidays tend to make people to forget the days of the week. they enter into the "infinite" time of nothingness! So, what's the difference between the holiday period and now? The mind setting. Organized holidays come a specific time period, when we decide what to do, when to do it, how etc.,Our mind is in charge, we "control". And that's make the difference:control. It is a very fine but crusial line between "i forget the day because i am care free"  and "I don't know what day of the week is today,  because i feel lost". Fear, anxiety, stress, almost of everything, can't really switched off just like that. But a useful practice is to create a sort of dairy. Write the date on the top, and create two columns. Everyday in the morning, but EVERYDAY, write in the one column  the negative feelings of the day, and in the other the possitive ones + the possitive aspects of  your life. Try to have more possitives than negatives. Even one more is enough. See, how you "repeat" yourself the end of each week. Observe the pattern of the mind. What does is say? observe and don't judge. before you go to sleep, read the possitive one.

Understand and reprograming the mind is not an easy task. But understanding our mind is one of our life goals, not only because our mind is our best friend, but also because we will earn one very precious gift of it: FREEDOM!

Have a nice Sunday, enjoy your stay at home, declutter your closets and storage room, throw all the things that you don't need, create areas for each and everyone of your family members and make your home beautiful. It help also to clear your mind.

see you tomorrow.....  

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