Om & Prem to all!

as kids, we were listening the fairy tales starting with: Once upon a time.....and as i remember, all of the fairy tales, included a forest, a kingdom, a palace and a hero. But it was the forest were the hero of the story was finding shelter and it was one tree and it's roots where the main character of the story was sleeping and was finding the "answer" (?) the solution(?) of his problem. Trees always represented life and is the presence of a tree or trees that make our soul feel safe. When we enter in a garden, the greenery and the trees give us immediately a feeling of calmness and joy.

But rarely we acknowledge how life evolves through the seeds of a tree and how many information it carries!  Buddha was enlighted under a tree. Many spiritual Teachers, meditate  under a tree. When a spiritual seeker go for a retreat, move towards the forest and live either in the trunk of a tree or up in the branches. 

When i was little, i had visited Christian orthodox monasteries, and i've seen trees full of oblations. mostly  were slim decorative silver plaques, with a saint on it. They were dedicated with a wish, concerning mostly health issues. As a kid, i found it strange but also intresting. Then, i saw it in India too and it didn't suprised me at all! It was another indication how ancient civilizations are connected with each other. 

But in the yogic tradition, this tree, has a name. It is called: The Kalpa Taru. The wish tree. If you have a wish, you hung in the branches of Kalpa Taru in anyform you like and you let the tree to fulfill it. And it does! Maybe it sounds odd, childish or funny, but it's true! You can try to create your own Kalpa Taru, and you can have your personal experience. 

If it is difficult to find a real tree, then, you can activate a photo of a tree that you like. Certain mantras can activate your Kalpa Taru but most of all, your energy and your awareness can give "life" to your Tree. Start a relationship with your tree, give it "space" in your heart and in your life and let it work for you. Nature, is always willing to give and work for us. And it does!

I wish you all, a pleasant day!


All the images of these blog, are paintings of the artist painter George Calis


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