Om&Prem to all!

In the Greek mythology there is the myth about the seasons, and it is a very nice and symbolic too myth, which says that Pluto, the god of under world, felt in love with Persefonis the daughter of godess Demitra, the godess of fertility and agriculture. As Pluto saw the beautiful Persefoni in the fields he decided to kidnap her. And he did. When Demitra found out what was happenning, became furious! and turn for help to Deus(Jupiter). Jupiter as the leader of the Gods and brother of Pluto, promised her to help her. But when he asked Pluto to set free Persefonis, Pluto was firm that he wouldn't do it!

Demitra was despert, sad and furious and little by little she reserved herself so there was no help to people who were cultivating the Earth, and no seeds and plants were growing. People starting to become despert and they turned to Gods for help. Gods felt compasion for the human race, and Jupiter approched once more Pluto for new negotiations. Pluto by the end agreed to leave Persefonis to live with her mother 6moths per year and then to return back to him. 

It was spring when Persefonis met again with her mother and Demitra was happy! Earth flourished and became firtile once again.....

Spring is bringing a message of new born emotions, feelings, along with colors, under the light of Sun! We salut the Sun with Surya Namaskar, and we plant literaly and metaphorically one plant to welcome the new life and the spring light!

keep your mind in the light and in possitive thoughts. Embrace the light and have faith that everything will turn good

Have a nice month


*The pictures of the blog, are creations of the artist painter George Calis 

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