Om & Prem to all!!!

       As we experience day by day our inner limits and the external restrictions become more and more severe, which makes our daily life even more demanding, we can easily recognize who is "standing" where(?) who is communicating and who is "crying" for some attention....... And although the "game" just began, already, those who lived in the surface feels the big waves of vanity to drag them in the mercy of desperateness.......

Now is the time to see with whom we want to share the "endless" time that we have! Which are the people that we want to share the last night's dream(?) our insomnia(?) thoughts and feelings(?) Do we really want to communicate? Or we prefer our solitude. what means communication for us?

So many questions that need an answer....and a fast one!

   Now is the time to open up in our new inner experiences! Now we can start developing our inner platform(if we don't have one) and we can start, by sreaping the world from it's maximalistic expersion, so to find the core of people, objects and situations. Is the time to find beauty and authenticity. The essence of Life! of OUR life (to be precis) 

   So, I suggest you a game for this w/d! Let's call it: Downsizing My Universe!

Alone, or with our mate, partner, the whole family, our roomates, "streap" the Universe! and see what is left on your table, on your lap, in your hand.....Play it with joy! Laugh! surprise your self! ENJOY! Life is magic and beautiful!

I wish you all, a very pleasant rest of the day

(3 April 2020)

All the blog images, are paintings of the artist painter George Calis 


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