Om& Prem to all!

In life only the simple things with the less effort, can give us huge results! but most of the time, we underestimate them when we listen them. Today, i'm going to write about that, how a very simple body practice, an asana, can give you tremendous results. Is a balancing asana. You can perform it while you are standing infront of your table, your kitchen counter, infront of your bookshelves. Stand on your right leg and lift slowly the left. Wait and see how up it can go without loosing your balance. Then, with to the other side. Stay 5breaths to each breath and repeat 2-3 times during the day.

And you can make it ever more challenging and intresting, if you add breath awareness, and you can "play" a bit more, if you put your foot against your calfmusle and streight up your spine. Simple "games" with ourbody can make even standing more intresting.

So, that very simple practice, can help your balance, as it effects the left and the right side of the brain. And especially those days, balance is needed even more! 

I wish you a very pleasant balancing practice!

* The art work of the blog, is of the painter arstist George Calis

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