Om & Prem to all,

It's been quite a few days now that i was thinking the reactions of the people mainly in social media about the lock down, that most countries are facing. Most of them, they try to make it "light", they try to see it with humor, and they all look "fine"! but are they? Up to now, if a spiritural aspirant wanted to cut off of the world, the mundane living, and wanted to isolate him/herself, to have an introspective view of his/her mind, he/she was going for a short or long period personal or group retreat. A teacher, or the retreat leader, was taking charge and care for the person or the group for the period of the retreat. According the tradition that the teacher was following, the daily program would be shaped accordigly. Meditation, physical activities, talks, chanting, silence.....

Now, we are facing a global retreat, without our "permission" will and desire for isolation, WE MUST! and the majority, wasn't prepared at all! Facing our issues in a forcefull way, is not the best option. Personally, i'm optiimist. I do believe that we are leading in a New Earth, as the consciousness of the people is changing and will keep on. I believe that  social transformation, which will be benefical for the majority of the people will come soon. A New World is shaping infront of our eyes, new realities, and it's up to us to feel them, understand them, and embrace them. And maybe, these new reality, will open up new avenues for those who are willing to go deeper and they want to see their life differently from now on. Maybe in the future, the personal and group retreats will multiply. We'll see....for the moment, try your best, by divding your time in physical activities, mental and spiritual

I wish you well

*the art work is by the artist painter George Calis

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