Meditation is a state of being and that can’t be taught. It can only experienced. As such, it can’t be analyzed or described verbally. But, there are plenty of techniques that can transfer our consciousness inside our brain and mind, and in that way, we explore, the hidden areas of the mind, as we expand our Awareness through our senses. The result of practicing the meditation techniques are plenty. Some of them, is a quieter, relaxed, focused mind, and if we will achieve the state of meditation, then, we will experience the transcendence of the mind itself!

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra consider being a pre-meditative technique, which can introduce to the aspirant the meditation experience. Yoga Nidra as meditation is a guided technique; it has specific form and order. We practice it from the posture of Savasana, and it requires steadiness and stillness as meditation itself, but, especially for a beginner, the posture of savasana can be practiced easier. Through our body senses we can explore the brain, the mind, and the emotions. Yoga Nidra has its origin in Tantra and it has been composed and developed by Paramahamsa Satyananda. Yoga Nidra helped many new age therapists to create new age methods on relaxation and reprogramming of the mind. Yoga Nidra has a psychoanalytical approach as concern the aspirant him/herself. It prepares the brain for higher meditative techniques, and can bring relief in all kinds of psychosomatic issues, like: headaches, phobias, stomach pain, and much more. On the emotional level, it relaxes the brain, so there is better sleep, balanced breathing and emotions.