Jaana Salo

I had my first experience at yogasadhaka 2019. I spent one week with Io, doing yoga, meditation and therapy.
That was the first time in my life that I managed to feel calmness in my body.
The last year I have been going to therapy here and I cannot stress this enough. It has totally changed my life. The rare combination of psychotherapy, astrologi, pendalum and meditation lead by Io is the one thing that made me find the way through depression and into a beautiful and vibrant life.


Dimitris Politis
European Commission
Brussels, Belgium

I had the great pleasure and the honour to meet Io and to be introduced in her wonderful yoga tutorials during my recovery from serious illness. Io is a master in her subject and an excellent communicator. Additionally to her great humanity she is a compassionate, caring and inspiring Yoga tutor. She helped me significantly reaching an optimum physical and mental health through her classes after a difficult period of my life.


L. Velez

Io was recommended by a friend, and although I’ve had many energy healings throughout my life, I’ve never had pendulum healing. Io didn’t ask me any questions, she just told me what she needed to complete the reading. A few days later she shared the results with me and they couldn’t have been more spot on. I was impressed with how much the pendulum picked up about my current situation. While Io doesn’t offer personal guidance on what to do about your current situation, I do feel lighter and more clear in how to move forward based on her findings. I would recommend Io to anyone who is stuck, and needs to let go of ideas or trauma that may be holding them back.


Braunschweig, Germany

I joined Io’s group because of corona in 2020. I am doing yoga for 9 years in germany. I can say Io is very experienced and despite video the training is the best I ever had.


Helen P.

I have been taking yoga classes with Io Bletzaki since 2008. Her teaching is unique because she has the ability, the way and the transmissibility, with the exceptional tone of her voice, to guide us to perform each asana correctly without straining our body. Each lesson with her is a new adventure as she knows different asana for each part of the body. She teaches us to listen and control our body and at the same time reconnect it with our mind. For me personally there is no other yoga teacher who after class, no matter how tired I am, no matter how stressed I am after a whole day of intensive work, I feel serein and I have such energy that it is like my day begins and not ends … So I can say from experience that YES TAKING YOGA CLASSES WITH IO IS A LIFE EXPERIENCE!