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“Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into
practice. …”
Anton Chekhov


The Journey Of The Mind

Educational Yoga Program on the aspects, attributes and potential of the 5 bodies, the connection and the therapeutic influence of Yoga Nidra.

18 May – 24 May 2024

Yoga & Nature

A Profound Rejuvenation Retreat On the island of Skopelos
If you want to reboot your body and mind, being in the natural world is..

27 May – 2 June 2024

Yoga & the Creative Self

This is a special yoga program that combines the benefits of yogic techniques with introspection in the form of creative arts.

7 May – 11 May 2024

YogaSadhaka offers retreats, programs and workshops throughout the year. These
may take place in person or online. Yoga Sadhaka is not a training center and
doesn’t offer any type of certifications; our purpose is to share essential
knowledge and experience in the universal culture of yoga.
In our programs, we seek to bring together people who share common
interests, who have open hearts and minds, and who wish to learn, share, and
communicate in a group setting. Those who participate will find that the flow of
communication and support established during this time will continue after the
completion of the program.
These programs are well suited to new yoga teachers who would like to
combine their spring or summer holidays with a group learning experience in
different branches of yoga on the beautiful island of Skopelos. Alternative
therapists and yoga practitioners who wish to deepen their practice will also
benefit from this experience.
Our workshops, on the other hand, take place mainly online over a period of
1-2 days. The goal of the workshops is for the participant to gain an
acquaintance with yoga, through which she will develop a personal approach
to yoga practice.