Dowsing Pendulum

Θεραπεία με ΕκκρεμήDowsing Pendulum therapy

The predictive and therapeutic ability of the Dowsing Pendulums was first appeared in the Ancient Egypt, where it flourished for centuries.

Then, it disappeared for millions of years, until two French scientists in ‘70s, Belize and P.A.Morel, brought them back and develop them quite a lot.  Since then, groups of Kwando physics scientist (Polish & Germans mostly) made the best of their qualities, and start using them for human’s benefit and evolution

Pendulums are working with the electromagnetic field of the person, and can measure his/her abilities, capacities and potential. They can give deep cleansing in all the energetic bodies of the person (mental, emotional, aura) they can dissolve negativity, the “evil eye”, clean the Chakras and put them in their full capacity and much more. As the person receives therapy, also his/her home and work environment are also clean.

Therapies can be done without the person’s presence, the therapist needs only his/her permition to work on his/her field and then, the therapist can deliver the outcome of the therapy.

As we clean the field of the person and we vibrate his/her field, we give positive affirmations. Dowsing Pendulum therapy can help a lot also in physical pains and in physical restrictions. The pendulum can work also as a predictor and can give clear answers on several questions that we want to know.

We can vibrate situations, conditions, wishes, desires, etc., and the most important is that we create an invisible shield around our physical body, which can protect us from the non compatible energies around us.


Rejuvance is a natural psychotherapeutic technique in which special finger pressure movements are applied to the face. It is aimed at both men and women, providing deep relaxation, releasing muscle tensions from the entire head region and helping provide a solution to chronic problems such as insomnia, headaches, migraines, deep anxiety, problematic breathing, while also improving hair loss by stimulating hair growth on the head.

Rejuvance can revitalise the skin and improve its look and appearance, since the technique activates collagen and elastin allowing the face to become fresher and more vibrant. Wrinkles soften, cheek bones lift, and the same happens with baggy eyes.

Rejuvance activates the meridians, stimulating the various organs and their function, and that is why it is considered to be a form of needle-free acupuncture; a form of scalpel-free facelift!

A complete course of rejuvance treatment involves six different sessions, held in a specific order, at a specific time. These six sessions can be done within a specific timeframe once or twice a year.

Rejuvance may be repeated weekly as it functions like body massage. Depending on the needs of the individual at that time, the therapist may put together a Rejuvance session taking different parts from the six sessions or may offer one of the complete sessions in the series to relieve tiredness and to ease muscle tension from the facial muscles.

Rejuvance must not be done on children, pregnant women and diabetics without approval from their doctor.

Art & Design

Ιώ Design

Is self-taught. She loves sketching and doodling freely on the paper. Her design is actually her unconscious thoughts on paper. It wasn’t her goal to sell them, but, the encouragement of her friends, made her believe that her sketching can be an affordable art in someone’s wall. She works on a aquarelle paper with a pigment inc.