Yoga is the system of personal exploration and experience aimed at self-discovery and self-actualisation.

The various branches of yoga provide tools to open up the psycho-cognitive field, allowing the individual’s mind to experience what the individual has chosen to live, helping the individual grow stronger, reprogramme and change internally and externally everything they are not satisfied with.

There are various branches of yoga (Hatha, Raja, Jyana, Mandra, Laya, etc.) and systems of practice that allow those forms of yoga to be implemented; above all yoga is experiential practice.

The main yoga system taught at YS implements the principles of the Satyananda yoga system, enriching the practice of asanas, Pranayama, with the element of self-awareness.

Self-awareness expends the consciousness and changes the very essence of life. It is a purely human characteristic. Our consciousness does not stop growing and developing, and helps us deepen our minds and feelings.

The benefits of yoga are numerous and multi-layered, since through constant, regular practice we achieve a robust musculoskeletal system, learn to breathe again, exploring in depth breathing techniques that help the right flow of not just energy into the body but also blood. The result is a balance between the two hemispheres of the brain, bringing mental clarity, emotional balance, beauty and youth.

Tantra and yoga are considered to be global cultures. However, both systems were developed, preserved and taught in India. Yoga was taught orally by a teacher (guru) to a pupil (shishya) and teaching lasted 12 years. The teachings of the Upanishads and the Vedas this traditional education has a philosophical flavour and over the centuries developments brought to the fore teachers (gurus) who dedicated their lives to preserving, teaching and developing tradition. In the late 1960s East met West, with gurus who brought their knowledge of philosophy and yoga enjoying the limelight. Today, in the 21st century those great old teachers are no longer with us. A new generation has succeeded them and yoga has opened its wings in many different ways.

As a yoga centre, Yoga Sadhaka embraces and supports this tradition of teachers, as well as traditional yoga teaching, and the philosophy and principles underpinning it.