When on holidays one want to have not a care in the world. To turn time back to more child-like, carefree and innocent times, when there was nothing but play, sea, rest and above all joy.

Seeking to revive that feeling of joy, we created Nin~e~mia & more… and developed a summer Yoga programme that’s different from the others.

As adults at Nin~e~mia & more… we discover the joy of action in nature, through yoga, sports, art, with friends and a sense of team spirit, allowing the mind to empty and the emotional batteries to recharge all without effort. Because we don’t need to make any effort at all to relax.

The aim of these different, enriched holidays is to allow you to feel that internal sense of joy again, so you can come away more focused, clearer about your goals and more in line with your own spirit.

Nin~e~mia & more… programmes run between 15 June to 15 September. They are either 5 or 10 days long. We welcome individuals, couples or even groups.