what it is?

Yoga Nidra is the “yogic sleep”. Founder of the technique is Paramahamsa Satyananda. The aim of Yoga is to prepare the body for meditation and Yoga Nidra, consider as pre-meditative technique, which prepares the emotional and mental body for this procedure. Yoga Nidra can alter unconscious and sub-conscious patterns called Samskaras in Sanskrit language.

To whom is addressed

The seminar is addressed to yoga teachers no matter what yoga style they are practicing and teaching, to alternative therapists who want to add a therapeutically technique in their field to psychotherapists and health care personnel who wants to delve more in the alternative practices either for themselves or for their clients.

Why there is

The need for relaxation, relief from the mental stress, emotional imbalance, phobias and all kind of conscious or sub-conscious problems, was always there. But as life turned to be quite challenging the last couple years, now, is a necessity. More and more people develop psychosomatic imbalances, serious auto-immune illnesses, phobias etch.,
Yoga Nidra, can give a tangible solution to all of these problems, as supports all sort of therapies and treatments classical medicine or alternatives.


The duration of the seminar is 9 months, and in total are 108 hrs. Once a month, 18hrs will be spread from Friday-Sunday, with short and long breaks.

When & Where it starts?

The seminar will be on-line, on the platform of ZOOM and it will start the month of October. In the month of October, those that are interested to participate one week before the seminar, we will meet on line, to meet and greet and to answer your questions.

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By the end of the seminar, you will be confident and in position to lead a successful session of Yoga Nidra of level I & II your knowledge will be experimental on practice and on theory too, and you will be fully educated on the subject of Yoga Nidra
The end of the seminar, you will get a certificate which will certify your participation.

on the platform of ZOOM on OCTOBER

I joined Io’s group because of corona in 2020. I am doing yoga for 9 years in germany. I can say Io is very experienced and despite video the training is the best I ever had.


Braunschweig, Germany

Io was recommended by a friend, and although I’ve had many energy healings throughout my life, I’ve never had pendulum healing. Io didn’t ask me any questions, she just told me what she needed to complete the reading. A few days later she shared the results with me and they couldn’t have been more spot on. I was impressed with how much the pendulum picked up about my current situation. While Io doesn’t offer personal guidance on what to do about your current situation, I do feel lighter and more clear in how to move forward based on her findings. I would recommend Io to anyone who is stuck, and needs to let go of ideas or trauma that may be holding them back.

L. Velez

I had the great pleasure and the honour to meet Io and to be introduced in her wonderful yoga tutorials during my recovery from serious illness. Io is a master in her subject and an excellent communicator. Additionally to her great humanity she is a compassionate, caring and inspiring Yoga tutor. She helped me significantly reaching an optimum physical and mental health through her classes after a difficult period of my life.

Dimitris Politis

European Commission Brussels, Belgium

I had my first experience at yogasadhaka 2019. I spent one week with Io, doing yoga, meditation and therapy.
That was the first time in my life that I managed to feel calmness in my body.
The last year I have been going to therapy here and I cannot stress this enough. It has totally changed my life. The rare combination of psychotherapy, astrologi, pendalum and meditation lead by Io is the one thing that made me find the way through depression and into a beautiful and vibrant life.

Jaana Salo


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Ιώ Calis-Μπλετζάκη

I am Io Calis- Bletzaki, my yogic name is Yogananda and I am in the yogic field since 1992. September 2022, is my 30 years anniversary in Yoga. This ongoing journey gave me and still does, amazing experiences. The practice of Yoga Nidra is one of my favorites, and throughout these years, I’ve been through profound experiences receiving and giving it. It was an inner calling that made me decide this seminar. I felt that is the time to transfer my knowledge and experience. So, I am addressing to those aspirants, who want to explore more, they are curious and studious, and their heart is open to receive a magnificent technique with which they will help, those in need.
Being blessed to be in this place, 30 years after, I will be honored to pass you that precious knowledge, and together to explore new paths in this Amazing technique.
See you soon……
Om &Prem

Phone:+30 24240 33380



If I lose a lesson can I cover it?

Yes, when someone can’t participate in one session or month, then, I will recorded the class so to follow it

How many persons will be in the group?

Max.20 persons

Will you be able to help me if I need info after the seminar?

Yes, I will be in your disposal, anytime you need me

Are there any books that I will need?

No, you don’t need any books. You need a notebook, a pen and a pencil

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The group has a limited number of participants.

Filming, photographing and sound recording part(s) or all of the seminar by any means (such as mobile phone, etc.) is strictly prohibited. All seminar rights belong to Ms. Io Bletzaki and any copying, reproduction, or reuse of all, or part(s) of the seminar content is prohibited without her prior written authorisation.

Everyone participates in the seminar at their own risk and bears full responsibility for their participation in terms of their physical/health condition and their ability to participate.
The organizer Ms. Io Bletzaki bears no responsibility for the state of health of the participant in case of injurydamage, or any other type of damage that the participant may suffer during the seminar.

The participant declares that he/she expressly and freely consents to the processing of their personal data requested herein in accordance with Regulation 679/2016 EU, strictly for the purpose of processing this seminar. Personal data is safely stored and kept for a period of 5 years after the end of the seminar for tax purposes. After this period all such data is deleted automatically.
Your personal data will never and under no circumstances be transmitted to any third parties. The participant canrequest at any time clarification, modification or deletion of his/her personal data - except for those required for the issuance of tax documents - by emailing the following address:bletzaki@gmail.com